Travis Barker Red, White, Blue OCDP kit

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Drum Kit

Travis Barker Red, White and Blue Sparkle Orange County Kit
20 X 20 Bass Drum
12 X 8 Tom Drum with Gauger Rim
16 X 14 Floor Tom With Gauger Rim
6 X 14 Acrylic Vented Snare Drum
10 X 5 Side Snare with Gauger Rim
Four 2 icnh vents
Remo emperor X head
All Drums Except Acrylic Snare ( Block Lugs ) have Tube lugs offset 50/50

All Cymbals are Zildjian
19″ A Custom Crash
14″ Mastersound HiHats
19″ Z Custom Medium Crash
8″ A Custom Splash
10″ A Custom Splash
21″ Sweet Ride
18″ Z Custom Medium Crash
9″ Oriental Splash
18″ Oriental China

All Hardware is DW 9000 Except HiHat Stand which is DW5000

Accessories include:-
Red with Silver Sparkle Pork Pie Throne
Danmar Skate Wheel Beater
Danmar Stick Holders
Protection Racket Drum Rug
Latin Percussion Block
Latin Percussion Rock Cowbell

The Nice Kit..!!! I love this one !!!

  1. ddk says:

    awesome kit..

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