Adrian Samuel Young Equipment

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Drum Kit, Soul Drums

Adrian Samuel Young (born August 26, 1969) is the drummer for the rock band, No Doubt. Young is known among fans for his affinity for wearing a thong, tutu, or naked with a mohawk during performances. He wears clown-type makeup onstage and can often be seen shirtless and in his thong in the band’s music videos. He is known as the jokester of the band and has been long considered the comic relief.
Adrian Young is a highly sought after studio drummer. He has recorded and/or performed with such bands as Bow Wow Wow, Scott Weiland, Dilana, Maroon 5, Unwritten Law, The Vandals, Bing Ji Ling, and countless others.

Young uses Orange County Drum and Percussion drums and Zildjian cymbals and drum sticks.

22×18″Bass drum
12×7″ Snare drum
14×6″ Timbale
10×6″ Rack tom
12×7″ Rack tom
16×14″ Floor tom

14″ ZBT Plus crash
18″ A Custom Projection crash
14″ New Beat Hi-Hats
21″ A Rock Ride Brilliant
18″ Oriental China

Zildjian signature drum sticks
Zildijan signature stick-bag
Drum Workshop pedals
Remo heads


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