Mike Portnoy Drum Setup: The Siamese Monster

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Drum Kit

Drumset: Tama StarClassic Maples
1. 2, 18″ X 22″ Kick Drums
2. 16″ X 20″ Kick Drum
3. 5.5″ X 14″ Melody Master Snare (maple)
4. 5″ X 12″ Melody Master Snare (steel)
5. Octobans: 343mm, 390mm, 443mm, and 472mm
6. 8″ X 8″ rack tom
7. 9″ X 10″ rack tom
8. 10″ X 12″ rack tom
9. 11″ X 13″ rack tom
10. 10″ X 10″ rack tom
11. Octobans: 536mm and 600mm
12. 10.25″ LP steel Timbalio
13. 16″ X 16″ floor tom
14. 6″ 14″ tymp tom
15. 14″ X 20″ Gong bass drum

Cymbals: Sabian
A 14″ HHX Studio Crash
B 18″ HHX Chinese
C 18″ HHX Studio Crash
D 18″ AA Medium Thin Crash
E 20″ HHX Chinese
F 19″ Hand Hammered Fierce Crash
G 17″ Hand Hammered Thin Crash
H 20″ Hand Hammered Chinese
I 16″ HHXtreme Crash
J 14″ AAX Stage Hats
K 7″ Max Splash
L 9″ Max Splash
M Medium Max Stax with 7″ Radia Bell on top
N 22″ Hand Hammered Rock Ride
O 13″ HHX Groove Hats
P Low Max Stax
Q 12″ Ice Bell
R 11″ Max Splash
S High Max Stax
T 8″ Max Stax (2 combined to make hats)
U Triple Hi-Hat

Hardware: Tama 1st Chair thrones, Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Pedals and Hi-Hats. Slick Nut Fastener locks on all cymbals.

Sticks: Pro-Mark 420 model with nylon tip (Mike’s signature stick).

Heads: Remo Clear Emperors on tops, Diplomats on bottoms. Coated Ambassadors with Black Dot on Snares. Power Stroke3 on Kicks. Pinstripe on 10″ Tymp Tom.


  1. agam james sullivan says:

    mike pornoy the idol of rev,.I like this,.

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